About Us

We are a retired couple residing in Southern California with our two Havanese, Tinker and Carmen. We moved here from Colorado in 1998 with our Airedale, Tasha, and our Wire-fox Terrier, Finnegan, to be near our grandchildren. Within the year, we lost our beloved Tasha.

We have always had purebred dogs. We have had several wire-fox terriers, a German Shepherd Dog, a Welsh Terrier, and an Airedale terrier. Our preference for a small, non-shedding, intelligent, playful, lovable dog kept directing us to the Havanese. There were not many in our area, but we were fortunate to locate a beautiful black male pied puppy in Sacramento.

Although we were only looking for a pet, the breeder, Karis Pierce, was saving this puppy for a show home. Undaunted, we agreed to do just that. Zorro became a member of our family in 2000 just before the Havanese National Specialty in Buena Park, CA. Little did we anticipate that we would get hooked on the sport. After finishing Zorro’s championship, we made it our goal to become acquainted with all aspects of the Havanese breed. To this end, we embarked on a two year search for our foundation bitch, Tinker, from breeders Pat Herrick and Nona Dietrich in Minnesota. Tinker was quite successful in the show ring as you can see from her page. She is now retired except for an occasional show to keep in practice. Our “puppies” are now having puppies. We call them our grandpuppies.

Life's a Beach

Life’s a Beach